manual die cutting machine

How to operate the semi automatic die cutting machine safely?

1 – Before Running Needs To Check :

A. Using a wrench to rotate the driving shaft, reciprocating movement for several times, observe whether jam phenomenon or not. 

B. Motor and electric drying insulation are in good condition. 

C. Check the every safety protection switch is normal.

D. Before running into lubricating oil. 

E. Check each part of screw, nut, whether there is loose phenomenon, if discover should be resolved immediately. 

2 – When The Operating: 

A . Check the clucth brake is sensitive or not.

B. First by the motor start button, after power on after the flywheel rotating a certain time can make the machine work. 

C. When the space of base plate and pressing plate need to adjust, should cut off the power and guarantee safety 

D. It is forbidden to rob the cardboard between the base plate. 

E. Check is there nay abnormal noise and smell when machine running.


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