pneumatic carton paper waste stripper

How to maintenance pneumatic waste paper stripping machine?

  1. Pneumatic tools are about after sale service, not maintenance.​​
  2. Pneumatic waste paper stripping machine is different from other pneumatic tools. After a one-week running-in period, and keep the chain and sprocket sliding unimpeded at any time, add a few drops of gear oil to the chain every half a working day to reduce friction, so as to prolong its service time.​​
  3. First make sure that the machine is connected to the air source, ensure that the air pressure is 6-8 kg force, and the trachea requires 8*12M/M to work normally.
  4. Before the air pressure is turned on, drive the chain by hand to see if it can roll freely, otherwise it cannot be used. After adjusting the picking direction of the waste cleaning machine, fix the locking screw so that it cannot swing.
  5. Turn on the slide switch before working. Or adjust the front pressure regulating valve to the maximum.
  6. Inject professional air tool oil from the air inlet to lubricate the motor.
  7. When working, press the platen to start working.


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