offset ink proofer

Detailed Introduction of Ink Proofer

Uses, Functions, Benefits


There are many names for ink proofer in the industry, such as ink proofing machine, ink color development instrument, color toning instrument, proofing instrument, proofing machine, printing suitability tester, printing color development instrument, etc., the design of conventional offset printing, gravure Printing, flexo printing, silk screen printing, spraying, etc.

There are semi-automatic and fully automatic ink proofers on the market. If you want easy operation and precise adjustment, you should of course choose a fully automatic color development instrument.

The color display instrument, the English name Ink Proofer, is used to proof ink and other color materials on the substrate, observe and test, so as to be used in actual production.

Uses of the ink proofer:

It imitates the working principle of a printing machine, with adjustable pressure and wide range of substrates. It is suitable for printing, packaging, ink, and coating companies. It can accurately predict the ink hue, and the color can be developed once in 2 minutes. It is also very convenient to clean, saving the cost of printing on the printing machine. The waste of paper, ink, water and electricity brought. At the same time, it avoids the excessively long occupancy time of the printing machine caused by toning, and effectively improves the production efficiency of the printing.

Functions of the ink proofer:

  • Spot color proofing

The multi-stage ink proofer can print color bars of different colors at the same time or print the same ink color bars with different ink layer thicknesses. It can also print new and old inks for comparison on the same printing material, providing high-efficiency color contrast.

  • Four-color ink detection

It can detect the hue, gloss, and color density of the ink; start with controlling the quality of ink raw materials, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling the quality of printed products.

  • For customer prepress spot color checking

Simple color bars can be produced for customer pre-press approval or archiving.

  • Detect the degree of discoloration of dry and wet ink

The ink proofing machine displays the required spot color ink strips, and after natural drying, the hue of the spot color after drying can be known. (For example: the phenomenon that purple and dark blue will turn red after drying can be ruled out before printing.)

  • Use with ink meter
  • Data Management

Cooperate with the spectrodensitometer for color detection, and can measure the data report (Lab value) of the color bar.

  • Cooperate with related instruments

The characteristics of ink abrasion resistance, fading, transferability, light resistance and heat resistance can be predicted.

Benefits of using an ink proofer:

1、Solve the cumbersome color matching and improve the printing quality

2、Shorten printing time and improve production efficiency

3、Reduce material loss and reduce production costs

4、Meet the printing requirements, and meet the needs

5、The use of ink proofing machine can increase the profit of the enterprise, and the production management is smoother

6、The use of the ink proofing instrument can reduce the work pressure of production personnel, improve the accuracy of color matching, and make the work performance better and easier.


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