Automatic blade bending machine

Suzhou Juxin mechanical technology co.,ltd also named as Suzhou motop mechanical technology co.,ltd, we have a complete team for research and developing the automatic knife bender machines for dies in die cutting industry.

Brief introduction:

Suzhou Juxin mechanical technology co.,ltd also named as Suzhou motop mechanical technology co.,ltd, we have a complete team for research and developing the automatic blade bending machine for dies in die cutting industry. As everyone knows that the most important factor of die cutting job is the die board, and the most important of the die board is the steel rules.



As we know, the dies of die cutting machine is consumable parts and it needs to make new ones from different product model, the automatic blade bending machine can make the dies knife automatically. No matter what kind of knife type, just write the size and parameters into the computer then the auto knife bender will do all kinds knife. The automatic cutting dies knife bending machine make the knife in high accuracy. Usaully for a big factory of die cutting or the supplier of die boards, the needed amount of steel rules is huge.

1、Completely independent software patent, the software supports DXF and other graphics format, can be upgraded for life free.

2、High precision mechanical components, excellent electronic components, to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the scimitar.

3、The unique professional design, has the powerful bending editing function, realizes the scimitar, the bridge, the eagle beak multiple operation in the same machine, greatly reduces the operator’s workload.

4、Adopt the “shear” mode after bending to improve the shear speed and accuracy.

5、Single processing/single group/multi-group processing mode, realizing full automatic batch processing..

6、Imported high performance servo motor drive, greatly improve the production efficiency, reduce the failure rate.

7The most reasonable price, the most comprehensive service. The supply of machinery parts, training operators, provide technical support.



Model Rotate speed Working Pressure Air consumption Weight Dimension
Y9801 4500r/min 0.65-0.8MP 12CFM 4.5kgs 480*160*190mm
Y9802 2500r/min 0.65-0.8MP 12CFM K3.6kgs 430*160*190mm

1、It can realize the functions of bending, playing bridge position, front hawk, back hawk, front cutting, back cutting and edge grinding at the same time, fast and accurate;

2、After the graph is bent on the machine, it can directly check the mounting board without the need for cutting edge and polishing;

3、Realize the full automatic scimitar in the true sense, greatly save the time of mounting the knife and making the plate;

4、You can use all six functions at once, or choose only one or a few of them;

5、Powerful and perfect software control system makes any requirement of cutlass easy to handle。

6、Suitable for bending of electronic board cutting die, box cutting die, card cutting die, doll and blister cutting die.

7、The feeding part of the knife blade of the computer scimitar machine adopts the feeding method of the imported screw clip, the size is accurate without error, and the product has good repeatability, making the operation more safe and reliable

①The bending part of the computer scimitar machine adopts servomotor imported from Japan and steel bending mould imported from abroad. When making complicated graphics such as fine packaging box mould, cartoon mould, doll mould and wave line, it is fast, efficient and accurate.

②A computer scimitar machine can be used as a master of six people, which greatly improves the work efficiency, reduces the cost of factory management, and gets rid of the dependence on manual production of highly difficult tool molds.



Automatic blade bending machine can bend all kinds and all types cutting steel rules for die cutting machine. No matter semi automatic die cutting machine, semi automatic die cutting machine or platen die cutting machine, rotary die cutting machine, all of them needs to change die boards for different design box, so that is a big market for making steel rules.

1:For color box, wine box, cigarette box, profile-shaped complex knife mold and other laser, handmade board..

2:Printing packaging、Laser die board、Doll、Blister die board、Die board factory.


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