fully automatic carton folding gluing machine

How to do rountine maintanence for automatic folder gluer?


How should the gluing and folding parts of the automatic folder gluer be maintained?

1. Before gluing, make sure that the conveying route of the sticky edge of the carton is parallel to the conveying belt.

2. The gap between the upper and lower rubber wheels and the amount of glue should be appropriate to ensure that the glue layer is thin and uniform.

3. The sticky mouth of the carton should match the width of the rubber wheel. In the process of automatic folder gluing, the width of the glued mouth of the carton should meet the requirements of the folder gluing machine. Too wide or too narrow will affect the quality of the gluing box. If it is too narrow, the glue will overflow; if it is too wide, the pre-folding will be affected to a certain extent. In addition, the concentricity of the gluing wheel should be accurate, and the knurling of the edge should be free of wear to ensure uniform gluing.

4. The position of gluing should be appropriate. Too far from the crease line will make the box unsightly. If it is too close, glue may be applied to the position that should not be glued, which will make it difficult to form a box. other parts of the device, otherwise the glue will be in this part

5. The more it accumulates, the more it eventually rubs into the parts that should not be glued.

6. The folding part is equipped with a folding transmission. If necessary, the folding transmission should be adjusted to ensure the accurate alignment of the sticky mouth.


The daily maintenance of the rubber conveyor belt of the folder gluer?

1. Pay attention to the natural aging of the conveyor belt of the folder gluer and replace it regularly.

2. The paper powder on the box and the dusting powder during printing stick to the rubber conveyor belt, which accumulates more and more, which reduces the friction coefficient during paper feeding and makes paper feeding difficult. In this regard, the conveyor belt should be wiped with a damp cloth frequently to remove paper wool, paper powder and dusting powder in time.

3. The rubber conveyor belts should be arranged as densely as possible, so that the cardboard can be placed on it flatly and not sag locally. In addition, more rubber conveyor belts are also conducive to relying on friction to feed paper.


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