The benefits of printing companies using automatic ink proofers

offset ink proofer

In summary, using an ink proofer has several benefits in the printing industry, including time and cost savings, increased accuracy and consistency, increased customer satisfaction, fostering innovation and experimentation, and environmental sustainability. It brings a more efficient, high-quality printing process to the printing house and creates a stronger cooperative relationship with the customer.

Detailed Introduction of Ink Proofer

offset ink proofer

Uses, Functions, Benefits Introduction: There are many names for ink proofer in the industry, such as ink proofing machine, ink color development instrument, color toning instrument, proofing instrument, proofing machine, printing suitability tester, printing color development instrument, etc., the design of conventional offset printing, gravure Printing, flexo printing, silk screen printing, spraying, etc. There are […]

How to maintenance pneumatic waste paper stripping machine?

pneumatic carton paper waste stripper

Pneumatic tools are about after sale service, not maintenance.​​ Pneumatic waste paper stripping machine is different from other pneumatic tools. After a one-week running-in period, and keep the chain and sprocket sliding unimpeded at any time, add a few drops of gear oil to the chain every half a working day to reduce friction, so […]

How to clean the hot melter?

hotmelt glue gun

If dirt is mixed into the glue or the brand of hot melt glue needs to be changed, the hot melt glue machine should be cleaned, and at least 6 liters of cleaning fluid is required. 1. Empty the hot melt adhesive as much as possible;2. Reduce the glue pressure to zero;3. Release the joint […]

How to do rountine maintanence for automatic folder gluer?

fully automatic carton folding gluing machine

  How should the gluing and folding parts of the automatic folder gluer be maintained? 1. Before gluing, make sure that the conveying route of the sticky edge of the carton is parallel to the conveying belt. 2. The gap between the upper and lower rubber wheels and the amount of glue should be appropriate […]

How to operate the semi automatic die cutting machine safely?

manual die cutting machine

1 – Before Running Needs To Check : A. Using a wrench to rotate the driving shaft, reciprocating movement for several times, observe whether jam phenomenon or not.  B. Motor and electric drying insulation are in good condition.  C. Check the every safety protection switch is normal. D. Before running into lubricating oil.  E. Check […]