Jigsaw machine for wood die board

As a leader supplier of jigsaw blade board machine in china, we promise that Sawing machines brand own the advantages such as logical structure, reliable performance, high speed of saw blade, steady running and low noise, etc.

Brief introduction :

As a leader supplier of jigsaw machine for wood in china, we promise that Sawing machines brand own the advantages such as logical structure, reliable performance, high speed of saw blade, steady running and low noise, etc.



Jigsaw machine for wood  mainly works for die board for die cutting machine.

Model J-1250C J-1250C
Max. radius of gyration(mm) 1250 1500
Max. working thickness(mm) 30
Materials of working plate Wood, plastic and nylon
Max. turnaround speed(T/min) 1300
Voltage(V) 220/380
Power(W) 1.5/1.3
Saw blade stroke(mm) 25
Dimension(mm) 1770*800*1400 2070*1000*1400


Jig saw machine adopts electric chucking saw blade,automatic dust absorption system,integrated saw dust collection device and air flotation die-cutting plate,etc.Thus performance indexes are improved and the machine can be used with facility.


The jigsaw machine automatically installs the saw blade, which can increase the production efficiency by one times.  It is the ideal plate-making equipment for all kinds of flat press automatic die cutting machine, hand swing die cutting machine and self-adhesive die cutting machine.  Main use; Used for wood, plastic board and die cutting knife line processing.  The equipment is convenient, high precision, high reliability.  

Sawing machine, also known as wood prototype, knife die machine, mainly used for indentation machine indentation version of the production, simple operation, generally a host knife die machine (saw machine), a punching machine, a shaping machine, a blade cutting machine, can complete the production of all the indentation board.  This machine is also used for woodworking sawing board sawing, carving, plastic plate sawing, etc., which is called wood-block sawing line cutting.  


Sawing machine is widely used in cardboard boxes, paper boxes, plastic, leather, toys, advertising, crafts and other fields.  The machine can complete the blanking, drilling and sawing of die – cutting knife version.  A series of products have been formed to solve the problem of size layout.  Complete models, to solve the vacuum, suspension, electric card saw blade and other functions.  The sawing machine is of high standard from design to production, the head frame can be adjusted to ensure the accuracy of the product, the use of high precision wear-resisting parts of automobiles and motorcycles, as well as famous standard parts (8.8 grade screws, Harbin bearings), prolong the service life.  Ultra-narrow saw blade for plate, turn freely, solve the problem of special-shaped version. It can be said that it is a famous product of high quality and beautiful appearance.  

J-1000b /C type jigsaw machine is the first choice of high precision box die cutting knife version equipment, after many technical improvements, strong blowing and suction system to collect saw foam, ensure clear health, air cushion suspension increase, make knife version convenient and flexible.  The appearance design is reasonable, beautiful and generous.  It has the characteristics of high precision, convenient and flexible, good quality and cheap, and is a necessary product for making small knife version and self-adhesive die-cutting version.  


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