Offset Ink Proofer

NB600 Automatic Proofer Main Specification:

Power supply:AC220V 50Hz  Machine rate:350W
Ink strip size:40X210mm(4strips)  60X210mm(3strips)  100X210mm(2strips)optional
Proofing paper size:290X250 mm
Ink distribution pressure: eccentric adjustment
Ink distribution speed: 0-1450r/min adjustable
Proofing speed: 0-15r/min adjustable
Dimension: 555X440X320MM
Proofing time:1s-10h adjustable (normally 60s)
Roller size:ø67×229MM(max proofing size229×210mm)
Roller(Ordinary and UV ink rollers are optional)

Advantages of NB600:

Using touch technology, human-computer interaction is more convenient, and any operation and settings can be easily realized on the screen.
Ink distribution mode:
1. The ink distribution speed can be switched between automatic and manual, which is suitable for different operating habits and special situations;
2. The soft-start mode can be set in the middle position and not in the series, which can reduce the unevenness of the ink distribution and the flying ink, and improve the accuracy of the ink distribution;
3. Ink distribution mode setting: The program is divided into four sections to complete the ink distribution process, and the speed, time and mode are independently set.
4. Four-sections ink distribution mode time setting (each stage can be set to 0-200 seconds), which can be set to any ink distribution mode: serial movement, intermittent abutment, fixed abutment and automatic speed change, more accurate
5. Ink distribution pressure: Adjustable
6. Ink uniform distribution correction function: The instrument adds the electric proofing pressure correction function, and the pressure correction zero position becomes easy and feasible.
7. Proofing pressure(automatic):-1-+1 adjustable. The screen can show the thickness of the proofing material and the corresponding pressure value, and the pressure setting is more accurate and convenient.
8. Fault detection: The whole machine adopts PLC to monitor the electrical parts, and the contact switch and induction switch automatically detect the status online, which is more convenient for fault inspection and elimination!
9. Correction function: The electric proofing pressure correction function makes it easy and feasible to correct the zero position of the instrument pressure.
10. Speed ​​setting of cleaning mode: The speed of separation cleaning and close cleaning can be adjusted steplessly; cleaning materials and time are saved, and cleaning is simple and easy.
11.Proofing accuracy: The repeated color difference value detected by the spectrodensitometer can reach the △E value below 0.5 (the average value of ten times).

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