Offset Ink Mixing Machine


Power Supply:220V/50HZ 2 Phase

Power Rate:750W, 0-60r/Min

Mixing Speed: 0-50r/Min


Ink Barrel Size: 45L Standard Barrel(45kgs)

Machine Weight:105KG

Gross Weight:125KG

Features :

  1. Simple and convenient operation, plug in the power, press the start button to run.
  2. The machine with an unique designed impeller, mixing at a low speed and at inervals scrape to the inner wall of the tank.So,printing inks would be homogenetic and without heating-up within 10 minutes after being rolled over and sheared down during mixing.
  3. 1nks tank replacement is very convenient. (Stainless steel)
  4. Agitator: L type propeller type stirring, integral forming, clean simple and easy.
  5. Transmission mode: cam transmission, reduce power loss, which makes the operation more stable and controllable
  6. 3 inch swivel casters for easy movement.

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