Label Die Cutter

YS-350G  High speed label cutting machine is a product independently developed by our company.This machine has a flat pressing structure and adopts the principle of downward movement. The computer servo system pulls paper. Discharging, stamping,die-cutting, waste disposal, winding, flat cutting, all in one operation controlled by a computer.

Model: YS-350G  High speed label cutting machine

Breif indtroduction of Automatic label die cutting machine

Suzhou juxin mechanical technology company is the most professional supplier in china for label and trademark die cutting, foil stamping , label slitting, and label laminating machines. As a leader in self-adhesive trademark equipment, we have been working hard to innovate and bring better equipment to our customers.

Specification of automatic trademark cutting machine

Model:   YS-350G
Max.Feeding Width:   350mm
No.1 Cutting Area:   350mm x 350mm
Max.Speed:   24000times/h
Max. Length of Meter: 80m/min
Position Accuracy:   +0.1mm
Max.Unwinder Dia:  800mm
Max.Rewinder Dia:   800mm
Voltage:     3-phase 380V
Gross Weight:   2800kg
Power:  11kw
Dimension:  3300x1400x1500mm


1. Adopting motion controller and servo integrated intelligentcontrol

2.Speed: 24000 vehicles/hour, 4800 meters/hour high-speeddie-cutting ensures fast speed,accurate accuracy,and stableoperation.

3.Using wooden (rubber) knife plates, simple, affordable, anddurable
4. The feeding and discharging shaft is automatically inflatedand tensioned, and the power system adopts an automaticlubrication system

5.lmported accessories, electrical appliances, optical eyes.bearings, private server motors, etc. are used.

Scope Of Application:

Automatic label die cutting machine for paper adhesive labels and adhesivetape products is a full wheel high-speed drum trademark printingmachine The best matching equipment for flexographic printingmachines, satellite printing machines,PS printing machines,andintermittent printing machines.

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