L800 Automatic Carton Erecting Machine

Brief introduction:

Suzhou juxin as top rank postpress and packaging machine manufacturer in china, also involved in food package industry. Automatic Carton Erecting Machine also call hamburger case maker, it mainly makes for all kinds of erecting box for food or some other social packages.


Description of Automatic Carton Erecting Machine

L800 full automatic Carton Erecting Machine suits for all kinds of food box, such as hamburger case, cake case, chips case and other kinds of erecting box. This machine with pretty sophisticated structure to ensure the feeding precision and folding precision. It is a necessary machine for fast food packaging company. Such as the company who support boxes to KFC, Mcdonald’s and other brands has no reasons to fail with it.


Standard configuration

configuration Name Main parts Specification Brand
Machinery Main frame DAYUAN-CHINA
Bearings NSK-Jap.
Collection Device Forming frame with forming needle DAYUAN-CHINA
Rolling glue system DAYUAN-CHINA
Counter system DAYUAN-CHINA
Electronic control system Main motor 8KW China
PLC Seimens
HMI touch screen Weinview
frequency transformer Rexroth(Germany)
Control Switch SCHNEIDER


Configuration for separately purchasing

Independent cold glue system can choose if client can accept increase cost


Main Technology Parameter

  1. power: 3P-380V,50HZ
  2. air: 0.6Mpa pressure, dry clean air

C.Covering area:4.0m*1.2m

D.Materials: paper board 200-600gsm,corrugated board paper with thickness not exceed 1.5mm

E:Box Range: see belowing


Warranty is one year. Warranty will be not valid if the machine is subject to misuse or accidental damage or operator’s error. During the valid time, we will supply spare parts to customers by free. And we will make service for machine whole life.


Carton erecting machine also named as carton erector. The carton erecting machine price has been too high before suzhou juxin step into this field, but now we offer customers in low price but good quality machines to many of countries. You can find our carton erectors in India, carton erecting machines in Malaysia, carton erectors in India, carton erectors in USA and etc.

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