L1000 Automatic Carton Erector Machine

Brief introduction:

Automatic carton erector machine is the professionly model for food box such as hamburger case, fast food case and other kinds of food boxes. The famous fast food enterprise like KFC, Hamburger King, MC , Subway and other  companies like to choose this machine to make box. We are the most important supplier for the fast food package industry.


Description of automatic carton erector machine

L series is an ideal choice to produce hamburger boxes, chips boxes, take out container, etc. It adopts micro-computer, PLC, alternating current frequency converter, the electrical cam paper feeding,  auto gluing, automatic paper tape counting, chain drive,and servo system to control the punching head. All of these main parts and electric control system adopts imported brand to guarantee steady working, precise positioning, smooth running, safety and reliability operation.


  • Theworkingspeedofdoublestationmodelis

Adopting the Rexroth Servo system to control the punching head,it is more precise and convenient.Max 400 pieces per minute and finished produces are automatically counted. It can be customized to do different size and shaped boxes through changing mold.(hamburger box, fried chips box, paper tray, noodle box, lunch box and other food container)

  • The chain drive is adopted in the machine to ensure the smooth running, and endurable structure. Each part is separated to reduce noise and workload, as well as to increase thestability.
  • Time of paper feeding is adjusted by cam. Simply operating, reducing failurerat
  • Automatic gluing systems controlled by reduce motor from Gluing point is made of sponge.
  •  Every part of forming and collecting system can be adjusted according to the size of mold. The whole collection system can be opened to change mold and install the forming parts conveniently.
  • It adapts paper tape counting equipment to count product quickly and accurately, and to be readjusted

A:100-450mm      B:100-450mm        C:15-220mm

A:100-400mm   B:100-450mm

A:100-680mm B:100-450mm C:50-220mm

A:100-450mm      B:100-450mm        C:15-220mm


Degree of box 5°-40°

Carton material: 200gsm/-600gsm/Corrugated paper : up to 1.5mm

P.S. If special size and configuration, we can do it according to your requirement.

Type L1000/2-A/B
Max. Production capacity 400 pcs/min
Suitable Material: 200-600g/m2 paper board,corrugated board paper with thickness not exceed

1.5 mm

Blank length(L) 100-450mm
Blank width(B) 100mm-450mm
Height of side flaps(H) 15mm-260mm
Height of side flaps+lid(H1) 50mm-260mm
Conicity 5°-40°
Total Power: 8KW
Total Weight: 2.65T
Overall Dimension: 4m x 1.4mm
power source 380V 50HZ
power source 380V 50HZ



Warranty is one year. Warranty will be not valid if the machine is subject to misuse or accidental damage or operator’s error. During the valid time, we will supply spare parts to customers by free. And we will make service for machine whole life.


Suzhou Juxin mechanical technology co.,ltd has intensive farming in fast food paper package industry for years, especially for Automatic carton erector machine.  As a well know supplier of hamburger box maker in china, most of domestic customers choose our machines to service the fast food companies.

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