ZJ-106CF Automatic Foil Stamping Machine

The most economical automatic hot foil stamping machine is ZJ106-CE. Based on the most reasonable price and reliable machine quality, We have won many customers from other well-known brands. Automatic hot foil stamping machine mainly works for the die cutting and stamping job of all kinds of high-grade and fine printed matters, such as wine boxes, cigarette boxes, medicine bags, gift boxes, home appliance boxes, cosmetic boxes, etc.,

Model: ZJ-106CF Heavy automatic foil stamping nachine

Breif description of automatic hot foil stamping machine

As the most important section in post press equipments, ZJ-106CF automatic hot foil stamping machine makes sure all our customers achieve the best die cutter job in lowest machine using cost. Especially for stamping work and embossing wrok with one time, that makes the package job more three-dimensional feel, making product packaging more advanced.

Technical information of automatic foil stamping machine

Longitudinal hot stamping section

* Max foil width :1020mm(41″)
* Max stamping width :1020mm(41″)
* Max stamping length :730mm(28″)
* Max foil pulling lenghth :700mm(27″)
* Max foil roller :Ø240mm

Transversal hot stamping section

* Max stamping area :1020 x 600 mm (1020 Transversal)
* Max stamping width :600 mm
* Min foil width :25 mm
* Max foil step :600 mm
* Max foil roller :Ø 200 mm


* stamping temperature :0℃~200℃
* Heating zone :12 zones
* Heating power :24kw
* total power :45kw
* max stamping speed :6000S/H(foil length≦200mm,foil width≧100mm)
5000S/H(foil length≦300mm,foil width≧100mm)
3800S/H(foil length≦600mm,foil width=150mm)
3000S/H(foil length 600mm~700mm,foil width =150mm)

Die cutting section:

* Max Sheet Size : 1060 x 750 mm
* Min Sheet Size : 400 x 350 mm
* Max Die Cut Size : 1040 x 730 mm
* Inside chase size : 1080 x 745 mm
* Die Cutting Size : 1080 x 736 mm
* stock range : 80~1200g/m²(cardboard), corrugate≦4mm
* Min Waste Paper Width :8 mm
* Max Speed : 7500 s/h
* Max Pressure : 500×104N
* Rated Power : 20kw
* Air Supply : 0.8m³/min (vacuum pump prepare by customer)
* Voltage : 380V 50HZ 3PH
* Net Weight : 19 tons
* Dimension :7016 x 4669 x 2330 mm(LXWXH)

Features of fully automatic hot foil stamping machine

Feeding unit:

* Imported patent screw air parting paper press foot;

* Open and close reserve trolley to improve the efficiency of opera;

* Inclined feed table, more suitable for high-speed thin paper transport and positioning;

* Non-stop paper lifting platform device;

* Double-sheet detecting and control device;

* Side positioning adopts pull and push dual-purpose side lay, according to the paper selection, easy to switch;

* High quality vacuum pump with both air and air blowing;

* The rubber wheel can be adjusted continuously to improve the efficiency.

Stamping unit

* Vertical standard three-axis gold foil reel, each axis is driven by a high-power (2.5KW) servo motor, walking and skipping are fast and accurate, and each axis can be independently programmed to set the gold foil walking and skipping;

* Horizontal standard two-axis gold foil reel, each axis is driven by a 1.5KW power high-torque servo motor, walking and jumping are precise and powerful;

* Fully computer-controlled walking, skipping length, number of steps, remaining gold foil alarm length, gold foil stripping blowing time and other operation settings;

* Equipped with a broken foil detection device and a brush wheel waste foil discharge system outside the machine controlled by frequency conversion;

* Twelve zones electric heating plate, equipped with timing start thermostat function, the temperature of each zone can be controlled and adjusted independently;

* The electric heating plate heats up quickly, and it only takes 30 minutes to reach the working temperature;

Die cutting unit

* Turbine crank drives toggle-type high-precision flat die-cutting lower table;

* Fixed high-precision flat die-cutting upper workbench;

* The main parts of the heart (crankshaft, worm, worm gear, toggle shaft) are all made of imported high-grade alloy steel;

* Die-cutting frame pneumatic locking system;

* Large torque pneumatic clutch/brake;

* The lifting and retreating pressure adopts servo numerical control, the height position of the die-cutting platform and the pressure tonnage are accurate and easy to operate;

* Working pressure protection device, maximum pressure 300 tons overpressure shutdown protection;

* The front positioning flap can be individually fine-tuned at four points to adapt to precise positioning under different paper conditions;

* Using advanced technology, the positioning of a single tooth row can be fine-tuned and compensated to meet the requirements of product processing accuracy;

* The latest technology multi-plate parallel cam intermittent chain transmission mechanism (imported splitter and imported torque clutch);

* High-precision imported gripper row drive chain;

* 7 imported gripper teeth rows, each with 10 stainless steel gripper teeth pieces and matching dental pillows;

* Paper inlet and outlet, paper detection sensor;

* The electric eye monitors the whole working process and cooperates with the large-capacity man-machine interface LCD screen to provide detailed troubleshooting methods;

* The oil quantity of the forced lubrication system of the heart part adopts a 0.75KW cooling circulation device, an oil pressure display device and an alarm device for insufficient oil pressure and air pressure.

Delivery unit

* Fully automatic main and secondary paper delivering table, easy to operate, greatly improve the production efficiency, and the secondary paper delivering table using curtain cloth up and down switch, greatly convenient to operate and more suitable for small size multi-plate products.

* gripper bar driving chain tensioning wheel buffer device;

* Use sectional adjustable brush and paper flat blowing device to stabilize the finished product;

* Automatic oil lubrication system;


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