JX800 Automatic folder gluer

Fully automatic folding gluing machine is one of Suzhou juxin hottest products. juxin has focused on the folding and gluing lines for ten years, and we are trying our best to support our customers with valuable solutions.

Brief introduction:

Automatic folder gluer is one of Suzhou juxin hottest products. juxin has focused on the folding and gluing lines for ten years, and we are trying our best to support our customers with valuable solutions. fully automatic folding and gluing machine which can reach to the high speed 400m/min for normal carton box.



Fully automatic folding and gluing machine (JX800) is a very stable high-volume machine that can bring more profits to customers.

It has a 4/6 corner function. Each set is controlled by an independent motor. It uses ESC, PLC, imported electronic components, and three-board tracking mode equipment.

feeding section of automatic folder gluer machine


  • MIKI-pulley infinite speed variator 1/set.
  • Independent adjust feeding belt, ensure the smoothly paper feeding.1set/6pcs,size: 1026*30*8mm
  • Independent motor, inverter adjust speed, effectively ensure the balance of paper spacing.
  • Paper carry rod with high performance Taiwan-made vibrating motor.
  • Air feeding device.(optional)



Alignment unit

alignment unit of automatic folder gluer machine

  • Aligning the askew paper wihch from feeder, make sure the paper running in straight line.
  • Alignment unit can be adjusted up and down, suitbale for different thickness paper stably.
  • correct the paper, avoiding the paper going to two sides.

Two belts: 2145*34*4mm


Pre-folding unit

pre folding unit of automatic folder gluer machine

  • 2 plate conveyor belt structure, segmenting left and right upper belt plate can be adjusted according to product demand, fast and efficient.
  • three long top courier in this section, 180 degree folding could be preformed

Nitta belts :1 set

specifications:1985*24*3mm-2pcs   3375*24*3mm-2pcs

5000*44*4mm-1pcs   5000*24*4mm-1pcs 4755*30*4mm-1pcs


Crash-lock unit

  • 3 plate conveyor belt board structure, segmental upper belt board function is the same as the prefolding part
  • crash lock unit of automatic folder gluer machine, eliminate the problems in the production of special-shaped box products effectively.
  • The upper and middle belt board is detachable, depending on product requirements for disassembly and debugging.
  • Nitta belts 1set /9 pcs


1985*24*3mm-2pcs   3375*24*3mm-1pcs 1780*24*3mm-2pcs   3450*24*4mm- 3pcs


  • Safety door (Optional)

bottom gluing section of automatic folder gluer machine

Gluing unit

  • The mechanical lower pasting cylinder is designed with separate type of rubber wheel and rubber cylinder, high speed, easy to clean and maintain.
  • Crashlock, 4/6 corner box ,etc need to equip eletrical spray guns. (recommend 3 or more guns)
  • width of gluing wheel 4MM (standard), other width could be customized


Folding unit

  • 2 plate conveyor belt board structure.
  • The left and right outside folding belt speed can be adjusted independently to ensure the molding accuracy.
  • Wide box type can be matched with middle upper and lower belt plate to ensure stable transportation.
  • Nitta belts 1set /8pcs


2785*24*3mm-1pcs 4565*24*3mm-1pcs

3175*24*3mm-1pcs  7320*34*4mm-3pcs



Pressing unit

  • Independent inverter adjust speed, proportional linkage to main engine under automatic model, adjusting separately with the same speed as the main engine under manual.
  • Upper and lower belt telescopic adjustment is simple and easy to operate.
  • Equipped with high speed electronic kick counter.


Transportation unit

  • In automatic mode, the paper box spacing is set. The pressure belt speed is connected with the belt speed of the main engine in proportion. When photoelectric monitoring the paper box, the leather moves.
  • In manual mode, the pressure belt is delivered at a constant speed, which is not affected by the machine speed.
  • The pressure part adopts the pressure type pressing, the pressure control is more accurate, the product bonding effect is more guaranteed.


4/6 corner function (Optional)

  • All types and most sizes of 4/6 corner boxes can be quickly set up.
  • the inclined frame according to the page size of the paper box adjustable.
  • 45 degrees guide plate, suitable for all the size of the paper box.
  • modular folding hook running track, high speed and high quality production.


Electrical and drive systems

  • Schneider brand inverter is used to realize synchronous speed regulation of the main engine, making the speed change, adjustment, stability and reliability.
  • Humanized design of touch screen, fully consider the operator’s convenience.
  • Schneider brand PLC is adopted, and a number of safety protection devices are added, making the operation of the machine more safe and reliable.
  • Control panel, layout more reasonable, icon prompt, simple and easy to understand with remote control switch, make the operation more convenient.



Main motor Paperboard Corrugated Max linear speed Weight Machine size
11KW 180-650gsm Flute E.N.F 400m/min 5000KG 15000×2200×1900mm
Total power Power supply Container
19.5KW 380V    AC3F    50Hz 40GP+20GP


Paper size

  • straight line box W×L: max 800×800 mm      min 90×60 mm
  • lock bottom box W×L: max 700×800 mm      min 150×60 mm



Application of fully automatic folding and gluing machine

Like the other models of JX series, automatic folder gluer machineJX800 is the professional solution for package folding and gluing, it can equipped all brands hot or cold gluing system which depends on the different product request. Especially for medicine box, tooth paste box, cake box, gift box all kinds of carton box and E,B flute box.



Warranty is one year. Warranty will be not valid if the machine is subject to misuse or accidental damage or operator’s error. During the valid time, we will supply spare parts to customers by free. And we will make service for machine whole life.


Juxin produces Automatic folder gluer machine for many years. With the full confidence, we promise the machine would be equipped with all good quality accessories which allow the machine work for decades.


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