ZJ-106CE Automatic Die Cutting Machine

Flatbed die cutting machine ZJ-106CE is mainly used for die cutting, creasing and waste paper stripping, cartons and trademarks in the printing and packaging industry. In particular, various high-end fine prints, such as wine boxes, cigarette boxes, gift boxes, home appliance boxes, cosmetic boxes, etc., can be die-cut and embossed on this machine to obtain three-dimensional, exquisite and beautiful packaging products.

Model: ZJ-106CE

Short introduction of automatic die cutting machine:

  1. Fully automatic die cutting and stripping machine ZJ-106CE is one of  the main product of suzhou juxin mechanical technology co.,ltd, the unique machine design based one hundreds of experienced automatic die cutting and stripping machine operators.
  2. High speed reach to 7500s/h and lowest nosiy is the first high light of this die cutter. Running in high speed but low sound means the machine almost no wear and tear, the advanced mechnic structure makes sure the less maintanence cost.
  3. Up t0 5mm corrugated board would be running smoothly, no need any other extra settings or accessries. Cardboard job and Corrugated job can be switched quickly. That is the second high light of this Automatic die cutting &stripping machine.

Specification of automatic die cutting machine:

* Max Sheet Size : 1060 x 750 mm
* Min Sheet Size : 400 x 350 mm
* Max Die Cut Size : 1040 x 730 mm
* Inside chase size : 1080 x 745 mm
* Die Cutting Size : 1080 x 736 mm
* stock range : 80~1200g/m²(cardboard), corrugate≦4mm
* Min Waste Paper :    Width :8 mm
* Max Speed : 7500 s/h
* Max Pressure : 300×104N
* Rated Power : 20kw
* Air Supply : 0.36m³/min (vacuum pump prepare by customer)
* Voltage : 380V 50HZ 3PH
* Net Weight : 15.5 tons
* Dimension : 7016 x 4049 x 2030 mm(LXWXH)

Features of automatic die cutting machine:

 Feeder unit

* Open and close reserve trolley to improve the efficiency of opera;

* Inclined feed table, more suitable for high-speed thin paper transport and positioning;

* Non-stop paper lifting platform device;

* Double-sheet detecting and control device;

* Side positioning adopts pull and push dual-purpose side lay, according to the paper selection, easy to switch;

* High quality vacuum pump with both air and air blowing;

Die cutting unit

* Turbo crank driving toggle high precision plane die cutting table;

* Fixed high precision upper die cutting work table;

* The main parts of the main engine (crankshaft, worm, worm gear, elbow shaft) are made of imported high-grade alloy steel;

* Pneumatic locking system for die – cutting frame;

* High torque pneumatic clutch/brake;

* The rising and falling pressure adopts electric digital display;

* Front lay positioning plate can be four separate fine tuning to adapt to different paper conditions under the precise positioning;

* Using advanced technology, single gripper bar can be adjusted front and rear compensation, to meet the product processing accuracy requirements;

*Latest technology multi – chip parallel CAM intermittent chain transmission mechanism;

* High precision imported gripper bar driving chain;

* 7 pcs of imported gripper bar,each gripper bar equips 10 pcs of stainless steel gripper;

* 2 large capacity LCD screens to provide detailed troubleshooting methods, more convienent for the operators;

* The oil quantity of the forced lubrication system of the main engine adopts 0.75kw cooling circulation device, oil pressure display device and oil pressure and air pressure insufficient alarm device;

Stripping unit

* Three-frame co-moving waste cleaning device, the movement is harmonious, accurate and powerful, can effectively remove all kinds of special-shaped waste;

* Two – layer drawer – type waste up and down the mold can be quickly loading and unloading, waste clearance tools;

* The middle frame cleaning template is easy to adjust;

* The upper frame adopts electric control lifting device;

* The standard cleaning waste punch needle and elastic push rod are combined into the perfect action of “punch – pull”;

Delivery unit

* Fully automatic main and secondary paper delivering table, easy to operate, greatly improve the production efficiency, and the secondary paper delivering table using curtain cloth up and down switch, greatly convenient to operate and more suitable for small size multi-plate products.

* gripper bar driving chain tensioning wheel buffer device;

* Use sectional adjustable brush and paper flat blowing device to stabilize the finished product;

* Automatic oil lubrication system;


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