YD9803 Electrical carton waste paper stripping machine

Brief introduction:

Suzhou juxin mechanical technology company aims too solve the different problems which in post press field. Electrical carton waste paper stripping machine is the hottest product of juxin machines. As a original supplier of stripping machine in china, suzhou juxin never stop to upgrading the technology.


Description of Electrical carton waste paper stripping machine

YD9803 Electrical carton box waste paper edge stripper is a manual stripper to remove the waste paper edge which after die cutting. It improves the stripping efficiency greatly than take stripping job by hands. One electrical waste paper edge remover can save 3 labors. The best helpful tool for all die cutting job factories.




model Rotate speed Motor power Power supply
YD9803 4200r/min 1700W 220V 50HZ



Electrical corrugated box waste paper edge stripper has another name is electrical handle waste paper removing tool. It can remove all types of waste paper edge from die cutting jobs. Such as cardboard , carton, corrugated sheets. From our records, the most of customers are in paper packaging industry like tooth past package, medicine package, food package, mask package and all kinds of social packages. Electrical waste paper removing machine is famous of low power consumption but high efficiency.



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