LST03II-0806 Digital Die cutter

Automatic digital die cutting machine mainly aimed at intelligent cutting of special-shaped graphics on non-metallic flexible materials such as paper and plastic sheets, it can quickly complete various processes such as full cutting, half-cutting, milling, punching, creases, marking, etc., solving the problem of cutting special-shaped graphics and improving production efficiency. reduce manufacturing cost.

Model: LST03II-0806  Digital Die cutter

Breif introduction of Digital die cutter

The digital die-cutting machine consists of a flat workbench area and a set of cutting, milling and scoring tools mounted on a positioning arm that moves the cutting tools in two dimensions. The sheet is placed on the workbench surface and the tool follows the programmed path through the sheet to cut out the pre-programmed shape. Digital die-cutting machine enables large-format customized cutting.

Specification of Box Cutting and Creasing Plotter


Auto feeder

Auto sheet capacity <100mm
Feeding system Vacuum feed with clamps mounted on gantry
Max. sheet size 800MMX600MM
Min. sheet size 210MMX297MM
Standard tools CCDcamera, electric oscillating tool,full-cut tool, half-cut tool, creasing wheel,
Optional Bevel cutting tool, Creasing wheel tools for corrugate board

Cutting system

Productivity 15secs-45seconds per SRA3 sheet (average 24 seconds depending upon complexity) 70 sec/B2 sheet (varies depends on complexity of material)
Max. cutting speed 1200mm/s
Cut thickness ≤6mm
Repeat accuracy ±0.1mm

Software and connection

File form PLT、DXF、XML、CF2
Interface EthernetPort
Connection LAN

Green Credentials

Voltage 220V±10%/50HZ
Power 4KW
Weight 380KG
Size 3200mmx1100mmx1100mm

Features of  digital die cutting machine

Original Design 1st of the World Integrated with cutting tool, creasing wheel tool, plotting pen and CCD registration system,  LST03II series digitally cut labels of any shape, folding cartons of any structure directly from your original designs.
No cutting dies
Just send your designed files exported from Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW in the form of DXF, PLT, XML or CF2 to JWEI controller for processing, requiring no physical dies, saving cost and time for making dies. Kick the finishing jobs off by simply clicking the “Print” button.
Versatile fast sheet fed production
Designed for short-run on-demand production, LST03II series are highly automated by QR code recognition function for auto retrieving cutting file. Only 15-70 seconds to finish a A3-B2 sheet (depends on complexity of shapes).


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