Automatic Ink Mixing Machine


  • Case size: 1200X740X710MM
  • Net weight: 210kg, gross weight: 245kg
  • Can size: 360X360X450MM
  • Can compress-board readjust range: 80-410mm
  • Applicable range: 1-35kg
  • Pressure: 3500N
  • Power: 750w
  • Speed: 1400r/min
  • Shaking frequency: 680~710t/min
  • Power supply: 220V±10%, 50HZ, 10A


  • Compose with main vibrator, container press cover and microcomputer controller and so on, is suitable to 1-20L all kinds of can/barrel, max load weight is 35kg.
  • With PLC microcomputer control—can choose and readjust the shaking time freely, with long use life span.
  • Automatic clamp and bring different pressure to bear on the can according to the can size, will not squish or stave the can.
  • High speed and thoroughly mixing—with up and down, front and back continuous multi-shake movement.

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